0 10v Wiring Diagram

0 10v Wiring Diagram - Issue Feedback; February: In the article “A Force-Sensing CW Paddle” by Art Heft, K8CIT, in the February 2019 QST, pins 2 and 3 of U1A and pins 5 and 6 of U1B should be swapped.. Table 4: A5 PCB versions. I happen to have oldest A5 PCB, but with community help we can take a look on more recent revisions of A5 PCBA used in 3458A’s. Dr.Frank, well-known enthusiast shared nice hi-res photo of year 2000 A5 PCBA:. As it’s visible from the photo, six firmware ROM chips got replaced with larger ST M27C4002, holding single binary image..

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